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Transform your patio into an outdoor paradise.

Transform your patio into an outdoor paradise.

"I wanted to create
a little bit of paradise for everyone."

Richard Song

In 1980 Richard Song started the StarSong furniture company with a mission to create elegant, stylish and affordable furniture that would transform any patio into an outdoor paradise.

His golden-rule based values of respect, passion, trust, integrity and humility are the foundations of StarSong and have helped him create a company whose furniture and customer service are truly inspired.

An expert in artisanal sourcing, Richard grew the family business by diligently searching the globe for high quality materials and consistently producing fresh functional designs.

Today the company is run by his son Dan who continues to apply his Father's value system and create contemporary furniture that is both stylish and functional that is sure to transform your patio into your outdoor paradise.

Now, let's create that paradise.

The Sirio Collection

StarSong's premium line of luxurious comfort. Sold exclusively by the collection at COSTCO.

The Borealis Collection

The Borealis Collection is our affordable luxury line and is sold at these fine retailers.

The Corvus Collection

Our Corvus Collection is where elegance meets flexibility and is sold at these fine retailers.

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