How to Choose Patio Furniture for Small Spaces

How to Choose Patio Furniture for Small Spaces

Hosting in style doesn’t require a large outdoor space—it all comes down to finding versatile pieces that are perfect for your space. When considering how to choose patio furniture for small spaces, seek out pieces that speaks to your style, while taking things such as comfort, accessibility, and storage into account. Though many of us may not have a large backyard space for hosting and entertaining, it is possible to create an inspiring space for relaxing gatherings and cozy conversations with the right outdoor furniture for small patios.

What is the best outdoor furniture for small spaces?

Whether dining, relaxing, or chatting with guests, explore designs that keep patio furniture for small balconies and patios in mind. Having a bistro set or conversation/chat set are a lovely and sensible way to enjoy a small deck or balcony. These diminutive sets easily transition to seating for three or four with additional chairs that fold or stack out of the way. Stackable, foldable, and movable patio furniture for small spaces are not only great for practical storage reasons, but are perfect functional pieces for transitioning from season to season. Look for pieces that bring character and add to the overall purpose of your small space (i.e. dining, lounging, entertaining).

If you’re searching for some small patio furniture ideas, the following are full proof pieces that are sure to add function, style, and comfort to any small outdoor space.

For Dining: 3-Piece Patio Dining Set or Bistro Set


Plan a candlelit dinner or a Sunday brunch on this elegant favorite, the Corvus Bohman 3-piece Folding Bistro Set. Its rich, neutral tone blends with any surrounding yard or balcony, while the classic glass top adds a tiny accent of luxury to the meal. This set also features a steel frame, perfect for quickly shifting weather, and folds up with ease to quickly transition to storage. Comfy and simplistic, the combination of wicker and steel makes this an easy choice when seeking simple outdoor furniture for small patios.

For Relaxing: Chaise Lounges


Small patio furniture ideas can also incorporate a place to kick back with a book and take in the pool, lake or view of the neighborhood. Adaptable and easy-to-move chaise lounge sets like the Soho 3-Piece Chaise Lounge Set come with everything you need for an afternoon in the sun. Eco-friendly woven resin wicker and the removable set of signature Sunbrella fabric means the set transitions seamlessly from season to season. Though expansive enough for lounging, chaise sets are fully adjustable and move with ease on wheels, making them a great option for small, uniquely shape spaces.

For Chatting: Conversation Sets


Add a little modern flair to your small patio space with the Sirio Valentine 3-Piece Swivel Wicker Bistro Set. With two rounded, swiveling chairs and a small wicker side table, this option combines character with practicality when dining and chatting with friends. A heavy gauge aluminum frame ensures sturdiness and support while adding a softness in the resin wicker and poly-fiber cushions. At the end of a weekend of hosting, the whole set stacks purposely into an aesthetically pleasing and sturdy tower, meaning there’s no need to designate separate storage space.

For Entertaining: Seating Sets


You don’t need a spacious backyard to gather friends around the fire. The Niko 5-Piece Fire Chat Set in Slate by Sirio seamlessly transitions a party from cozy dinner to a fireside gathering. The fire-table technology safely switches from a dining surface to gas-powered fire. Four wicker and aluminum-backed armchairs both swivel and move with ease as the party shifts, fitting a wide variety of spaces.

For Storage: Stylish Storage Boxes


As with all rooms of the house, small space patio furniture needs accompanying storage for décor, blankets and books. The Sirio Grey Color Patio Storage Box easily matches both steel bistro sets and wicker, modular varieties. This box is large enough to cover all storage needs for a small patio while remaining out of the way. The water-repellant wicker and lid mean you can keep this piece outside through any change in weather. Need some extra table space to display certain items? Lay a large accessory tray above the lid of the box to turn the top into a makeshift table.

Finishing Touches: How to decorate a small patio


The key to decorating a small patio space comes down to understanding balance and ambiance. Place furniture slightly away from the house when possible—this opens up the layout and showcases a flow of movement. Designating the seating area with a small, simple area rug also draws the eye to the space. Consider placing thin, vertical plantings to provide soft pops of color while using up minimal space. Sensory accents such as light design, small water elements and fluffy throw pillows bring character to a simplistic patio as well.

Small patio spaces are the perfect setting for designing a unique dining spot or cozy corner. Patio furniture for small spaces come in infinite types, colors, textures and size variations for every style. Go rustic, modern or elegant, all the while remaining flexible and practical for an ever-changing space. Be sure to catch sales right before and after the season, keeping you prepared for months ahead of lounging, gathering friends and taking in the outdoors. If you’re in need additional tips on how to choose furniture for the rest of your outdoor space, Starsong’s patio furniture buying guide can help.

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