5 Outdoor Staging Tips for a Home Sale

5 Outdoor Staging Tips for a Home Sale

Did you know that staging a home could not only help sell it faster, but also increase its sales price? It’s a pretty standard concept these days. Home sellers are decluttering, rearranging furniture, some even go as far as renting new furnishings to present the home in its best possible way. Two areas of the home that often get overlooked in the staging process are the front porch and the backyard. To help you navigate these often neglected areas, check out our 5 tips to help provide that wow factor home buyers are searching for.

Create an Inviting Porch Area


When shopping for a home, many people are initially attracted to a home with great curb appeal. Along with a good power wash, fresh paint on your front door and a new door mat, think about adding a rocking chair set. Do not underestimate the power of curb appeal! After all, your front porch will be the first thing your potential buyers will see. It’s best to make a great first impression!

Declutter Your Outdoor Space

Remove knick knacks and personal items. Getting rid of clutter makes your space appear much larger. Things you may consider removing from your outdoor space would include children’s toys, lawn equipment, and pool toys.

Use What You Already Have


A great way to save some money is to utilize outdoor furniture that you already have. Consider sprucing it up by investing in neutral colored cushions. Neutral colors are easy on the eyes and provide a blank slate to easily redesign your space.

Replace Old or Worn Furniture

Make your space look as inviting as possible by replacing old or worn out furniture. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, you may even consider staining worn out wood for a fresh look. A new and fresh patio space can be a major selling point while a worn out space can be a turn off and an eye sore.

Add Little Extras


While we do recommend sticking with neutral colors when it comes to your outdoor furniture, it’s always fun to add a pop of color here and there. You can achieve this by adding an area rug, a patio umbrella or with a few potted plants. If you have a dining space, consider adding kitchenware like dishes and other entertaining pieces.

We hope these tips are helpful to you in the sale of your home!


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