Create an Outdoor Meditation Space at Home

Create an Outdoor Meditation Space at Home

Humans devote so much of their lives to things outside themselves. We give ourselves to our work, our family, our hobbies, and at the end of the day, we’re left filled with the thoughts of the day buzzing around our head. We need a place that is entirely our own where we can relax and feel at peace. One of the best ways to reclaim control over our minds is through meditation. When we meditate, we shift our focus away from outside distractions. If we’re lucky, we can block out everything and just be with ourselves.

Benefits of Meditation

There are numerous benefits of meditation. Studies have shown that meditation improves sleep patterns, can lead to decreased levels of stress and helps to foster self-awareness.

When you repeatedly force your brain to focus, you are exercising your mind, and building a stronger attention span. There is evidence suggesting that meditation can cause your brain to rewire itself, alleviating distraction, excess worry, and age-related memory loss.

Meditating Outside

Meditation can be achieved anywhere. In fact, there are many guided meditations that can be used when sitting on a bus, waiting for an appointment, or between meetings at work.

There’s a reason why monasteries and great places of meditation are all tucked away in nature. Studies have found that meditating outside has even more positive effects on mood than indoor meditation. The sights and sounds of nature serve as a way to help your mind disconnect from everyday life. By meditating outdoors, you can focus on the natural sensations around you, using them as a focal point to connect with the present moment.

How To Create an Outdoor Meditation Space

Creating the perfect outdoor meditation garden can be achieved by anyone, and your backyard is a great place to start.

Meditation Garden Ideas

When choosing your outdoor meditation space, spend some time in your yard and listen to what your body is saying. Get a sense for where you feel most comfortable. Is there a particular view of your yard you enjoy? Are you sensing any good spots for a possible fountain or small garden? Your meditation garden design should be unique to you, and the possibilities are endless; it is a matter of deciding where you will best be able to focus on your inner self and setting the stage to do so.

How to Make a Meditation Garden

The main elements of an outdoor space include greenery, ambiance, and proper seating.


Incorporating plants into your outdoor meditation space is essential for connecting with nature. This can be in the form of an actual garden, potted plants, or trees and vines. Find a way to surround yourself with greenery and flowers and create a defined space purely for meditation. Choose plants that fit your personality, and that will thrive within your location’s climate. Note the position of the sun during the time of day you typically meditate, arrange your plants so that they provide shade, or use a patio umbrella or canopy to keep you cool during your time of peace.


The key when building your backyard meditation garden is to create a comforting ambiance. Eliminate as many distractions as possible to fully immerse yourself within your outdoor meditation space. Choose a place in your backyard that won’t be affected by passing vehicles, or noise from surrounding neighbors. Hanging wind chimes or installing a fountain can help to cover background noise and maintain focus on the current moment.

Proper Seating

Keep in mind the fundamental postures for meditation. Make sure you set up your outdoor meditation space so that you are seated comfortably. Many place an outdoor lounge chair within their space, which is excellent for seated meditation as well as lying down. A set of cozy patio chairs or an outdoor sofa is perfect for couple’s mediation. Save room for a small patio table to use as an altar where you can light your incense or place a Bluetooth speaker for a fully immersive effect (but leave your cell phone inside or far away from you).

How to Meditate in a Small Space

If you have limited room to create your outdoor meditation area, try choosing a corner of your patio and turning it into a mini escape. A comfy patio chair with a small table and a few potted plants is a good start in creating your mini sanctuary.

Remember that meditation can be achieved anywhere. Once you begin to use your outdoor meditation space, (even if it’s small!) you will notice an improvement in connecting with your inner self.

Anyone Can Create an Outdoor Meditation Space

Whether you are new to meditation, or an experienced veteran, deciding to meditate will have positive impacts on your life. There are numerous health benefits, including decreased stress and better sleep. You deserve time away from your busy life to focus on yourself. Taking steps to create the ultimate outdoor meditation garden will aid you on your journey to achieving inner peace, and you can do so within your own backyard!

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