Home Decor Ideas: Transitioning from Holiday to Winter Decor

Home Decor Ideas: Transitioning from Holiday to Winter Decor

As the new year begins, it’s not uncommon for people to look into new home decor ideas to bring a much needed change to their space. After spending so much energy dressing up the house for the holidays, it’s hard to take all the holiday decor down the moment the New Year passes. But transitioning to post-holiday home decor can be just as refreshing and exciting as setting up for the holidays. After all, the beauty of the crisp and clean winter ahead offers many opportunities for new home design. It’s even easy to continue using holiday decor and furniture into the new winter season.

When making this transition, consider the level of design change right for you. Would a simple transition—repurposing holiday decor to winter-friendly displays—best serve your aesthetic? Or is it time for a total design overhaul, reimagining your indoor furniture scheme and layout? There is also an option in between these two extremes—focusing on warmth and comforts in the home while putting away all the festive touches and holiday-specific decor. Consider these three options when the holidays wind down the new year begins.

Simple Home Decor Transition: Modifying Holiday Decorations


So much of the decor leftover from the Season of Lights excellently transitions into the winter months. After all, though the holidays have passed, many common decor themes still apply to this snow-filled season. Ornamentation including snowflakes, pinecones and all evergreen wreaths and garlands still reflect the season way past the holidays. Center your mantelpiece or tablescape design around candles, lights or reflective items that fit within this snow-inspired theme.

Color also ties a theme together. To transition away from holiday-specific items, focus on neutral color palettes such as whites, silvers and golds. If your home decor normally caters around farmhouse reds and flannels, use holiday bows and fabrics to mesh with the overall look of the room.

Overall, winter focuses on simplicity. Transition festive wreaths to a more basic pinecone wreath or scatter candle-filled mason jars touched with white lace and snow-capped bells or twine. Bring in other natural elements from the outdoors, including birch branches bunches of pine backed with candles and mercury glass. The overall purpose of this minute change is to keep things whimsical and festive, while focusing on the weather of the season, opposed to holiday icons.

Moderate Holiday Decor Transition: Keep Things Cozy and Seasonal


Since the cold winter months are still upon us, our current favorite cozy furniture elements can stick around for the rest of the season. Now is the time to focus on the fireplace and candle arrangements, creating as much glowing, natural light as possible in these darker months. Place your design’s primary focus on physical comforts to keep things cozy and comfortable, such as knitted blankets and extra throw pillows in seating areas.

Add touches of winter in simpler ways to your centerpieces and dining room displays with light and reflective glass decor. Choose a natural motif that incorporates one or two particular pieces such as pine cones or branches. Bouquets of wintry flowers, such as forsythias or African violets, will add a pop of color to a simpler, wintry color scheme.

A warm and wintry design easily transitions to the outdoor patio, even in later winter months. Strike up the outdoor fireplace or chiminea for a night of s’mores or a cozy outdoor dining area when the weather is milder. Whether inside or out, focus the layout of your gathering area to celebrate group activities. Designing small pockets of comfort in the home is a way to tap into the feeling of affordable luxury in these months when warmth and comfort are greatly needed.

Full Fresh Start: A New Year’s Home Makeover


With the start of the year, now’s a great time to reinvent your space. With such a large change, begin by seeking inspiration in one major modification. Are you looking to overhaul the paint color scheme? Or is a new furniture layout your best tactic? Either way, there is a wide range of home decor ideas for making this transition. With new resolutions and a fresh start in the calendar, this is a revitalizing time of year to see your home layout in a whole new manner.

Anchor your design change around a larger focal point such as a new fresh paint color, accent wall, or a piece of indoor accent furniture. To keep things simple and dependably stylish, take the minimalist approach. Select items that fall within a neutral color pattern and then highlight one particular area of the room with a pop of color or attention-grabbing pattern. This neutral style fits well with the crispness of winter while easily blending into the next season when small touches make the room unique.

Shifting your decor away from the holiday season is an excellent opportunity for change. Whether you’re looking to make small adjustments or completely overhaul your home furnishings, use the new year as a launching point for ideas and motivation. As the holidays wind down, make a list of favorite home decor ideas you hope to incorporate into your own space. Combine all these tactics to best fit your winter home design vision, and enjoy your living space for the winter season and the rest of the year.

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