How to Add Greenery To Your Outdoor Space

How to Add Greenery To Your Outdoor Space

In the world of interior and outdoor décor, trends often come and go out of style almost in an instant. Yet, adding greenery and plants to your inside and outdoor space is a timeless trend that never seems to fade away.  From moss terrariums and lush myrtles to herbs, greenery and plants can transform an outdoor space tremendously.  Greenery not only helps elevate the overall appearance of your outdoor space but also increases oxygen levels and improves quality of life.

Maybe you’re looking to add some magic and life to your outdoor space, but you have no idea where to start?  Below we highlight the a few tips and tricks on how to transform your outdoor space by adding plants and greenery.

Hanging Plants or Pots


Most of us may have limited outdoor space, thus restricting the amount of surface area to work with. This is where hanging potted plants come in. With such, you can either choose to hang them against the wall on your patio or let them hang from the patio ceiling.  If you do choose to hang them against the wall, try using pots of a complimentary color to match.

Vertical Garden 

Vertical gardens are simple to create and add to an outdoor or indoor space beautifully!  They are often an ideal option when the space you’re working with is limited or if you’re trying to cover up an unattractive wall.  By using trellises, you’ll be able to grow vines and even flowers to create a stunning vertical garden. Plants such as ferns, bromeliads and pothos usually make for beautiful looking vertical gardens. These plants tend to grow and cover surface areas pretty quickly.

Floating Ivy’s


Add some trellises to your ceiling and grow some Ivy and vines that can spread across the surface area easily. This will create sort of a canopy of greenery hanging off your patio ceiling for an enchanting look.

Ceiling Garlands

There’s a lot you can do with your patio ceiling. From rowing vines to hanging garlands, the ceiling often presents a variety of options to work with. Garlands made out of ivy or even grapevines are highly decorative. Hence, they are perfect for covering areas in your outdoor space that is unattractive.

Arched Gardens


Arched gardens are breathtaking, to say the least. Mostly used as décor in wedding venues, arched gardens have made their way into the homes of average people. You can either add them to act as the centerpiece in your backyard or at the entryway of your patio or front yard.

Welcome Wreaths


Welcome wreaths are an easy way to add to your outdoor space. Using vines or ivy, wrap them around a loop made out of metal. Garlands are also ideal for this type of decoration. Once done, hang them outside your door to add a splash of color and magic to the overall look of your door.

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