Modular Patio Furniture: What is it and Why You Should Invest in a Set

Modular Patio Furniture: What is it and Why You Should Invest in a Set

Outdoor living spaces come in all shapes and sizes; the layout and living patterns are unique to every home and every person’s style. And so, it only seems logical that quite often, homeowners seek unique and distinctive furniture designs to best serve their spaces. Modular patio furniture combines innovative design with trusted durability and balance, making this an excellent choice for those seeking to create a whole new outdoor living space. Its versatility, cost-effectiveness and sleek design make this type of furniture an ideal option to bring your outdoor seating ideas to life.

Understanding Modular Patio Furniture Design

So, what is modular patio furniture? Modular design itself has been used throughout the design industry for quite some time, showing up in cars, elevators and a wide range of furniture. Overall, it implies that design elements come in separate pieces, leaving room for any additions without altering the original model. Modular seating however, provides particular benefits to spaces that require a frequent shift in layout. When placed together, a modular seating set can create a multi-person couch, but when broken apart, separate seats emerge, organizing an arrangement with several individual seats. Most importantly, the overall aesthetic of a modular patio set maintains its grace whether connected or apart.

Why Incorporate Modular Furniture Into Your Space?

The most commonly faced questions when buying an outdoor patio set include size, durability in varying elements, appearance and of course, cost. Modular furniture sets take each of these elements into account, remaining flexible for shifting party size, providing weather-durable materials and removable cushions, and appearing clean and modern. Impressively, modular sets supply everything you need for a full patio experience—whether lounging or dining. There’s no need to buy multiple pieces outside of a modular patio set, saving both time and energy. A modular outdoor sofa can shift into seating in the round, multiple separates scattered around a living space, and can substitute as an ottoman by supplying storage or acting as a surface for snacks and drinks. Why buy separate pieces when you can invest in a multi-piece modular seating set that will provide the same functionality and style all in one?

Explore the Versatility of Modular Furniture Sets

Modular furniture sets are also adaptable in style. Sturdy, geometrical solutions are great by the pool in large open spaces, while more sloped, diminutive options fit nicely on patios and cozier settings. Choose light-colored wickers for a garden set or warm, deep tones with matching cushions to complement the richness of a rural backyard. All sets include a sturdy aluminum frame which is both resistant to windy weather yet easy to move and reposition.

Certain modular seating sets will best suit your style depending on the size of your space and the type of entertaining you’d like to do within that space. Explore these options as examples:


Designed to handle all weather patterns—both in the cushioning and seat structures themselves—the 6-piece Niko set includes two armless chairs, two left and right-facing chairs with armrests, and two ottomans. Ottomans also include a convenient serving tray addition for transitioning between seating and serving food. When lined up together, arrange this modular furniture unit by the pool or break apart for separate seating in the evening around a fire pit.


For hosting cocktails and coffee, consider the Corvus 8-piece set with blue cushions, perfect next to the water or on a slate patio. This versatile set includes two more side tables, ideal for setting seasonal décor, snacks or drinks. The oversize ottomans work perfectly as seats for kids and adults alike. This set makes it easy to move select seating when you’re looking to set up a smaller gathering area by the pool, across the yard or by the barbecue.


For larger entertaining areas, the 10-piece Niko modular seating set is a stylish, clean and dynamic way to gather up to eight people around the matching side tables for barbecue, drinks or even crafts with the kids. Transfer this set into an L or U-shape for fenced-in porches or patios, or even spread the set into two separate meetings areas during parties.

Modular patio furniture finds that delicate balance between function and fashion, simplifying the process of choosing the best patio set for your space. The investment made in these unique seating sets is a one-stop shop. These pieces work seamlessly with changing seasonal décor and blend with a variety of surrounding architecture and home design. With numerous designs, styles, and sizes, modular seating sets are a must have outdoor patio furniture piece for your backyard living space.

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