How to Choose the Best Pet Friendly Furniture

How to Choose the Best Pet Friendly Furniture

You and your family are enjoying lemonade on the patio when suddenly you hear your cat scratching up the side of your patio chair or your puppy chewing up and destroying your throw pillows. Having your furniture ruined by your beloved pets can be stressful and costly, in terms of replacement. To avoid wasting money buying new furniture and not-so-effective pet barrier sprays, it is best to invest in pet friendly furniture. Buying pet friendly furniture will not only save you money, it will help you (and your pets) have a relaxing experience while enjoying the outdoors. With that said, here are several tips to consider when selecting the best pet friendly furniture for your patio, deck, or porch.


How to Keep Pets Off Patio Furniture

We all love our pets, but we’d rather not have them turning our expensive furniture into chew toys or scratch posts. Therefore, it is best to try to cat or dog proof outdoor furniture as much as possible. Try utilizing one or more of the listed methods below to keep pets off patio furniture:

Create pet zones

Creating zones for your pets is one way to keep them off your patio furniture. You can do so by placing their dog/cat beds, food, water, and toys in a designated spot away from your furniture. If your cat is in the mood to scratch, try keeping a few scratch posts outside in their designated area to keep them happy. Similarly, if your dog is in the mood to chew, be sure to keep some chew toys within their play area.

Use barriers if needed

Prevent your furry friends from getting on to your nice furniture in the first place with the use of barriers. If you’re one of the many pet/homeowners googling “how to keep dogs off patio furniture,” simply try setting up a playpen to ensure your dogs (or cats) don’t go anywhere near your patio furniture. Be sure that if you’re using the barrier method that you make the playpen as comfortable and fun for your pet as possible. Your pet shouldn’t feel like they’re in time-out.

Use furniture covers

For your more “high maintenance” pieces that you’d like to keep pet free, using furniture covers will ensure your pets won’t ruin your furniture. You can use covers that cover your furniture entirely, or fabric covers for individual cushions. Be sure to get fabric covers that can be easily cleaned and removed. Dog proof patio furniture by placing synthetic fabric covers over your pillows and seat cushions and prevent your pup from tainting your exquisite items.

Pet Friendly Furniture Material

When selecting pet friendly furniture, you’ll want to choose materials that are durable and easy to clean. Below are a few pet friendly furniture materials you can consider when trying to create your pet friendly patio:



Wicker is made out of weather-resistant poly resin, making it a very flexible outdoor furniture material. The resin, which the wicker is made from, is also highly resistant to pet issues (i.e. scratching, shedding, biting). This makes wicker a great material to consider if you want cat and dog friendly furniture.



Although wood is able to be scratched or chewed at by your fur babies, it is a great option to consider if your cat or dog does not have a habit of scratching or chewing. Nevertheless, if that is the case, wooden furniture can be easily covered with fabric covers (see above). Not only that, wooden furniture gives your patio/outdoor space a classic and sleek look!

Metals: Aluminum or Wrought Iron

Aluminum or Wrought Iron

Aluminum is a popular type of metal for outdoor furniture, thanks to its durability. Though lightweight, it is strong, scratch-resistant, and weather-resistant. Aluminum is very suitable as pet friendly furniture, with it being inexpensive and low-maintenance.

Like aluminum, iron is a durable material. However, iron is also virtually indestructible and very sturdy. Iron has the ability to absorb both heat and cold, which can deter your pets from even wanting to go near it. With its strong, sleek design, iron is a great option for pet patio furniture.

Pet Friendly Fabrics

Generally, when selecting pet friendly fabrics, you’ll want fabrics structured with a tight weave. Opt for fabrics that have patterns, are textured, or have darker colors. These types of fabrics will hide dirt and pet hair better until you are able to clean them. You also want to aim for fabrics that are low-maintenance and moisture resistant so they won’t be damaged by the weather (or your pet’s drool). Easy-to-wash slip/fabric covers are what you’ll want to acquire as well. Don’t aim for fabrics or fabric covers that are hard to clean and require a lot of work (even if they look nice!).

Creating a Pet Friendly Space

In addition to making your furniture pet friendly, you should also make your outdoor living area as pet friendly as possible. Take your pet friendly patio a step further by:

Have Durable Flooring

To protect your floors from your pet’s excessive scratching or muddy paws, you’ll want to ensure you have durable flooring that is scratch-resistant and easy to clean if your pet will be spending a majority of its time outdoors. Opt for materials that won’t chip or damage easily, and try to select flooring that is low-maintenance and doesn’t require all evening to clean as well.

Relaxing with your pets is fun, but it’s not so fun when they damage your furniture. To prevent this, be sure to get pet friendly furniture that will either deter your pets from wanting to use it as a scratch post or chew toy or won’t incur much damage. Following the tips provided above, you can create a pet friendly patio and give yourself and your pet a positive outdoor experience.

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