5 Accent Furniture Ideas For Your Home

5 Accent Furniture Ideas For Your Home

Just the right piece of accent furniture can redefine the energy of a room, transforming a living space into a representation of your unique style. Whether you seek a minimalist or eclectic approach, incorporating accent furniture helps to showcase a space without overhauling the whole design of a room. Its purpose is in the name itself—accent furniture should highlight what already exists in the space, adding a hint of individuality while using the surrounding area to create balance and calm.

There are many ways to determine the right accent furniture ideas for your home. Each accent piece plays a different role depending on the existing space. Add a pop of color into a neutral palette, weave a new style or time period to complement a clean and modern décor, or completely repurpose a vintage item. Most importantly, an accent piece draws the eye to a focal point like a work of art, while serving a practical purpose at the same time. A well-placed accent chair or sofa bed for example, alters the way someone views and takes in a room. It boosts their energy, starts a conversation and sets the tone.

Once the overall aesthetic of a room has been set; the exciting challenge becomes finding the accent furniture ideas that work best for your style, your life and your unique home or office. You can also find a great amount of affordable luxury furniture pieces to add to your space without going over budget or compromising your vision. Consider these five approaches to finding that unique piece of accent furniture to renovate your home’s energy.

  1. Combine Function and Style

Combine Function and Style

Accent furniture is all about individual creativity, it can range anywhere from an eccentric sofa bed to a 19th century-style trunk/coffee table.  As with all furniture, each item still serves a sensible purpose, but accent pieces add an extra flair of personality and storytelling through design.

A dependable go-to accent item is a distinctive coffee table or chest.  As the centerpiece of a living space, an eclectic coffee table pulls the surrounding furniture together, allowing guests to hone in on the room’s style as they lounge and chat around the item.  Its functionality still allows easy interaction, while simultaneously speaking for your style.

Lighting is another creative selection. The tone, luster, and structure of a room’s lighting determines the energy and mood of a room without altering the paint color or furniture palette. You may consider incorporating a more daring style through lighting, such as art deco, industrial or minimalist.

Perhaps the most versatile of practical accent investments, chairs and sofas both serve great purpose and have the ability to relay style.  Consider time period, patterns and pops of detail when choosing an accent chair.  Also remember that its surrounding counterparts should showcase its uniqueness, creating balance with the eye-catching piece.

  1. Accent Unique Spaces

Accent Unique Spaces

When exploring options, think about the different spaces of your home; each room can spark a unique accent furniture idea. From the front porch to the kitchen, through the bathrooms and even the mudrooms, consider spaces that may not come to mind when choosing accent items.  A foyer’s location for example is a fine place to catch someone’s eye as soon as they head into your home.  This often-under-utilized space has great potential for style and distinction.

Accent items also highlight your passions—such as cooking and hosting. Kitchen and dining accent items showcase your centralized aesthetic through modern bar stools, an antique dining table, or even a discussion-sparking sideboard to add to the flow of the dining experience. Accent furniture makes everyone more excited to use the space and boosts the room’s common purpose.

  1. Add Pops of Color


Colorful indoor furniture particularly shines in minimalist design. A simple, minimalist scheme often banks on a smooth, calm color palette. Earth tones, grays, and creams are dependable choices to relay that sense of balance and simplicity. This aspect makes choosing a personalized accent item even more fascinating.

Color pops don’t need to be bright and bold either—gilded, lustrous colors such as gold and silver reflect a sense of elegance in a classic space. Colorful accent items may include a DIY painted bookcase, a brightly upholstered chair, or even a simple set of side tables that flank the room for balance. In addition to color, consider additionally exploring colorful fabric patterns, angular items, and nontraditional, colorful seating solutions.

These pops of color are also a great way to easily transition the energy of a room—or even outdoor patio space—as the seasons and styles change. Outdoors, swap out bursts of bright primary colors in the summer for autumnal warm earth tones in the fall.

  1. Display Your DIY Prowess


Since accent furniture celebrates the individual characteristics of a space, adding a DIY touch to an existent item is an excellent way to accent a room. For example, choose bold color to reflect an accent wall, perhaps on the face of a set of drawers or on the outside of a bookcase.

Textures also add depth. Staining and distressing a wooden item gives this piece a rustic yet stylish appearance, while giving you freedom to play and add as much or as little toward the look you choose.

Basic items become accent pieces when personalized items add function. Consider vintage hand-picked knobs and handles to a side table or refinish the top of a coffee table with an old map or piece of art.

  1. Mix and Match Styles and Periods

Mix and Match Styles and Periods

As with the pops of color, throwing in a uniquely styled piece to exemplify a particular time period or design greatly complements a simple space. This is a chance to really let loose with textures and details. If existing indoor furniture is relatively soft and simple, retro-styled accent furniture seamlessly works into the space. Explore the varying functionality of other time periods’ tables, bookcases and carts, repurposing an original piece. For example, vintage trunks or large suitcases can be transformed into stemware displays or side boards, while items such as sewing machine tables act as attention-grabbing coffee tables.

Expressing your distinct style can be straightforward and simple. Accent furniture acts as a smart, stylish way to showcase items that spark these unique energies of home. Whether you explore pops of color, varying textures, or a dramatic vintage or DIY item, these accent pieces will provide a home that represents your individuality. With plenty of accent furniture ideas and just the right accent item, a home transforms into a memorable space that makes a distinct impression on all who gather there.

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